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Chain Link Fence

Chain Link – A popular choice of fencing for many years.

Chain Link Fencing has been a popular choice of fencing for many years.

Because of it’s versatile and easy to erect fencing suitable for a wide variety of applications. There will be a specification of chain link suited to the purpose. Easy to erect on most types of post; no erect centres required, chain link is ideal for re-clads or existing posts and offers a cost effective way of  improving security. It is often used for surrounding gardens to tennis courts and from schools to commercial property.

Chain Link Fence, also referred to Wire-mesh Fence, Chain-wire Fence, Diamond-mesh Fence etc, is a type of woven fence usually made from galvanized or pvc coated steel wire and have a diamond-shaped pattern.

Chain link fences come in perfectly handy for keeping kids and pets out of harm’s way. In fact, a chain link fence can be a sensible and cost-effective solution when it comes to your commercial or domestic property a robust security net. Sometimes aluminum is also processed and beaten into wires for manufacturing chain link barriers as the material resists rust effectively. Additionally, aluminum has a coating of zinc that boosts a chain link fence’s resilience and durability as well as calls for minimal maintenance.

Why Chain Link Fence

  • Cost-efficient and economical

Chain link fences tend to be less expensive compared to wrought iron, cedar, pinewood, and vinyl boundary markers.

  • Keeps children and pets safe and sound

Chain link fencings on one hand keeps children and pets safe and secure. On the other, their good visibility means you can keep an eye on kids and pets from afar.

  • Convenient to install

Installing a chain link fence DIY can be quite convenient if you’re willing to take the trouble and spare the time.

  • Requires minimal maintenance

All you need to do to maintain your chain link is to repaint the structure once a year.

  • Hardwearing and resilient

A typical chain link fence can last for many years provided you install it properly. Additionally, chain link corrals can effectively withstand the elements and normal wear and tear owing to their durable design.

See Sample Chain Link Fence

David installed an ornamental cedar fence board on board profile with stain finish that has absolutely brought security and a pop factor to my property. Price was fair for the quality and great customer service!

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