Boob grabbing sign of affection

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Let me start by saying I love my husband. At all. Every time I go in for a hug or a cuddle, just to have some intimacy and physical closeness, he uses it as an opportunity to grope my breast or grab my butt. Is it normal to feel upset or disappointed when my husband gropes my breast instead of just hugging me? A hug between a husband and wife is not always an invitation to cop a feel, ffs. This would annoy the crap out of me too!
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What Does It Mean When A Guy Touches Your Breast While Kissing

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Why Does Holding Your Own Boobs Feel So Comforting? | The Swaddle

Anyone who has or has had breasts will know this feeling — of sneaking a hand underneath their shirt to cup one or both breasts, not for sexual stimulation or breastfeeding, but just to feel the warmth and softness of breast tissue for one simple, pure purpose — relaxation. And so, isolation forces us to consider: why are boob cuddles such a universal phenomenon, and why do they feel so good? Oxytocin fosters social bonding and comfort, as seen between mothers and infants during breastfeeding , or partners during sexual intimacy — both of which involve breast stimulation and caressing that triggers the hormone. A similar thing happens during self-snuggling, or boob cuddling, which leads to the release of the feel-good hormone, increasing positive emotions, warmth and comfort, clinical psychologist Meghan Jablonski, tells Cosmopolitan. Research also shows humans are drawn to body warmth — both their own and of others — as it increases the feeling of psychological warmth, of trust and joy. Most of what we know of breast-touching and its role in interpersonal relationships can be extrapolated to our own interactions with our breasts, a practice all-the-more necessary under lockdown, when most of us are trying to find some semblance of comfort in mandatory self-reliance.
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Why Does Holding Your Own Boobs Feel So Comforting?

Breasts are great creativity made by God Himself for everyone, especially the women. And everyone in one way or the other sucks breast from either your mother or any nursing mother and a girlfriend of you are a man. You see that breasts solve many problems and serve everyone provided that you are born from a woman.
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